Recession Friendly Dates

A new trend is emerging among singles everywhere, who are now choosing to go on "snack dates" rather than dinner and movie dates. The traditional date experience can often be very expensive, requiring you to pay for a whole meal for two or a pair of tickets to a special event. This type of dating can weigh heavily on your wallet, especially if you're determined to find The One and find yourself going on dates often. So, the snack date presents an inexpensive option for singles who are strapped for cash.

It can often feel like a waste of money and time if you went on a date with someone who wasn't a good match. Snack dates are not only short but cheap, so even if you don't end up seeing sparks fly, you don't have to worry that you could have spent your night doing something more productive.

Because there are so many people finding dates online or through friends, it helps to start slow. Snack dates are also relatively short, so they come in handy especially when you're on a first date. You don't have to worry about keeping the conversation interesting over an entire 3-course meal, as you're just conversing over a cup of coffee. This also opens up the opportunity for many more dates, since snack dates keep your date times relatively low. As a bonus, snack dates even make bad dates bearable, because you can take comfort in the fact that once your coffee is gone, your date is over.