How to Give a Great Compliment

Everyone loves to hear something nice, especially if it’s about them and if it is in an awkward situation such as a first date! Going on a first date with someone can be a stressful experience, especially if you have met that someone on an online dating service and are now trying to live up to the expectations that both of you have set up for one another.

Giving a compliment to the other person might just be that one thing that removes the stress and makes the date that much more enjoyable for both of you. You are often just sitting there wondering what the other person thinks, so saying a few kind words actually goes a really long way.

There are ways that you could give a good compliment and then there are always those back handed compliments that are better left unsaid. An example of a great compliment would be, “wow, I am so happy to be here tonight, you seem like a wonderful person and am so glad we met”. A bad one: “well at least you aren’t crazy like the others I have met through online dating”.

Giving a great compliment often opens doors to other discussions as well as making it easier for conversation to flow. If you are on the receiving end of the compliment always remember to accept graciously and say thank you or even better throw a compliment right back in their direction!