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Location:dallas, Texas, United States
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About Myself:Life is good, but sharing it with someone special is even better. Born and raised in San Antonio, I've been in Dallas for a couple years now. I guess this Texas native just can't stay away. But, I do love traveling and seeing and experiencing new places. I love to laugh and according to my friends, I am chronically smiling. I am not looking for Mr. Perfect but just a great match for me and someone to share the ride. Maybe this is the ticket... I would just like to meet someone that I have fun with. A good first date would be going to a great restaurant and having some wine and talking and getting to know each other. It's always great when you meet someone and you hit it off and talk losing track of time and are in sync with each other. It's rare, but it's great when it happens. The perfect first date would be not wishing it was over as soon as it starts!
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