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Location:Long Beach, California, United States
Pictures Loaded:1 picture
Marital Status:Single
Zodiac Sign:Aquarius
About Myself:We were born to be happy! I understand this truth like no one else because I teach people to see happiness all around them and to experience it every day. I am a coach! This buzzword describes a profession that helps people see their potential and channel it in the right direction, which will make all our wildest dreams come true! I came to this site completely consciously, understanding what I want from my life and my partner! I am a woman who, thanks to my experience and awareness of my place in this world, can give my lover everything he needs to be happy. The smallest thing is left, to find someone who will take me by the hand and lead me. If you are brave and not afraid of a beautiful and intelligent woman, you will definitely understand what a treasure we can find in each other
Physical Appearance
Height:5' 6" (167 cm)
Professional Life

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